Assistive Devices

Braille Slate With Clipboard

A Braille slate with clip board is a tool used by individuals who are visually impaired to writein Braille.It consists of a rectangular board with rows of indentations and a hinged cover or clipboard.

Inter Point Slate

The Inter point Slate is a type of Braille slate used by individuals who are blind or visually impaired to write in Braille.Unlike traditional slates,which only emboss Braille on one side of the paper,an interpoint slate can emboss on both sides simultaneously.

Tactile Drawing Board

A tactile drawing board is a device used by individuals who are blind or visually impaired to create and explore tactile representations of images, diagrams, orgraphics.

Plastic Stylus

A plastic stylus for blind individuals can provide a reliable and intuitive tool for various activities requiring tactile input, suchas writing, drawing, or navigating digital interfaces, there by promoting independence and accessibility.

Braille Plastic Scale 12"

A Braille plastic scale is a specialized tool designed to assist visually impaired individuals in making measurements.It typically features raised markings in Braille along with tactile indicators to denote measurements.

Tactile Geometry Kit

A Tactile Geometry Kit is an educational tool designed to help individuals with visual impairments or blindness learn and understand geometric concepts through touch.

Braille Scale Steel

A"Braille scale steel" typically refers to a ruler or measuring device designed for individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

Tactile Drawing Board

A tactile drawing board is a device used by individuals who are blind or visually impaired to create and explore tactile representations of images, diagrams, orgraphics.

Bright Key Zoom Keyboard

“Bright Key Zoom Keyboard" would aim to improve accessibility and us ability for blind individuals, empowering them to navigate digital environments more efficiently and independently.

Smart cane Device

The Smart Cane is a device designed to assist individual swith visual impairments innavigating their surroundings more safely and independently

Optical (Aspheric Illuminated Magnifier)

An aspheric illuminated magnifier is a valuable assistive device for individual swith low vision, including those who are blind.

Uread Kibo Device Big

URead is aninnovative, simple to use Book Reader for the visually impaired.It provides the visually impaired user witha listening experience, of printed matter,using naturally sounding voices

Kibo Device

The Kibo device is a communication tool designed specifically for individuals with disabilities, particularly those with motor impairments that may affect their ability to use traditional input methods such as keyboards or touch screens.

Daisy Player (Saksham Evo-E11)

The Saksham Evo-E11 Daisy Player serves as a valuable tool for individuals who are blind or visually impaired, providing them with access to a wide range of digital audio content in a user-friendly and accessible format.

Video Magnifier

A video magnifier, also known as a video magnification system or electronic magnifier, is a device used to enlarge and enhance text or objects for individuals with visual impairments.

Jyoti Ai Glasses

Jyoti AI Glasses are a ground breaking innovation designed to assist individuals with visual impairments in navigating their surroundings more independently.

Folding Stick

Choosing the right folding stick involves considering factors such as length, handle design, and accessibility features to meet the user's specific needs and preferences.

Long Cane

A long cane, also known as a white cane or mobility cane, is an essential tool for individuals who are blind or visually impaired to navigate their surroundings safely and independently

Saarthi Smart Cane Torchit Sonic Guide

The Saarthi Smart Cane is a modern take on the traditional white cane used by visually impaired individuals. It incorporates various sensors and technologies to detect obstacles and provide feedback to the user.

Tactile Ludo with Coins

"Tactile Ludo with Coins" likely refers to a version of the classic board game Ludo designed specifically for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. In this adaptation,the game incorporate stactile elements to allow players to feel the board and game pieces, and instead of traditional tokens, coins with distinct textures or shapes are used as game pieces.

Talking Thermometer

A talking thermometer provides blind or visually impaired individuals with avaluable tool for measuring and monitoring temperatures independently. By incorporating features such as auditry output, user-friendly controls, accuracy and accessibilityoptions, these thermometers enhance accessibility and promote independence in temperature measurement tasks.

Dice with Plate

Creating tactile dice with plates provides blind individuals with a simple and effective way to engage in games and activities that involve dice rolling.

Chess Board With Coins

Creating a chess board with coins for blind individuals can provide a tactile and interactive way to enjoy the game of chess.

Peg in Puzzle in Cions

Creating a peg-in-hole puzzle with coins for blind individuals provides a hands-on and interactive sensory experience that promotes tactile exploration, problem-solving, and fine motor skills.

Cricket Ball

This ball, of tenreferredtoas an "audibleball" or "audible cricketball", containssmall ball bearings or bells inside that produce sound when the ball is in motion.

Braille Playing Card

Playing cards for the blind provide a means for individuals with visual impairments to participate in card games and social activities.

Word Puzzle

Creating word puzzles for blind students involves adapting traditional word-based games to be accessible through touch, Braille letters arranged in a grid.

Braille Key Ring

A Braille key ring provides a simple yet effective solution for blind or visually impaired individuals to identify keys independently through tactile markings.

Illuminated Tactile Globe

An illuminated tactile globe is a specialized type of globe designed to provide tactile and visual information about the Earth's geography to individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

Tactile & Talking watch with Metal

At actile and talking watch with a metal construction would be a valuable assistive device for individuals with visual impairments, providing them with a reliable means of telling time through tactile and auditory cues.

Dr.Odin (Digital Blood Pressure Monitoring Device)

By implementing these accessibility features and considerations, Dr.Odin's Digital Blood Pressure Monitoring Device can be made more inclusive and user-friendly for blindor visually impaired individuals, ensuring they canmonitor their blood pressure accurately and independently.

Talking Calculator

A talking calculator provides blind or visually impaired individuals with a valuable tool for performing mathematical calculations independently and accurately.

Braille Measurement Tape

By utilizing tactile, auditory, or digital tools, blind individuals can effectively measure objects and spaces for various purposes.

Tactile Braille Rectangle Watch by Titan

The watch face would feature raised dots in the form of Braille characters to represent the time in hours and minutes.Each dot or combination of dots would correspond to aspecific numeral or symbol.