Our Story

Blossoming from Volunteer Students
to a Full-Fledged NGO

Compared to the momentous present, our beginning has been extremely humble. As we look back, we realize that despite all the roadblocks, we managed to gallop right ahead owing to our noble intentions and undying optimism to make a difference.

The germination process began way back in school when we got to know that visually-impaired students required volunteer writers for their examination. Going ahead and volunteering for them frequently, we realized how incredibly intelligent and talented they were, despite not having the power of sight. The friendship with our visually-impaired peers opened up a whole new world for us, which was somehow curtained away earlier. We realized the kind of challenges PwDs face in everyday life, be it accessibility, education, or even the basic opportunities. This changed our outlook on life forever, and we pledged to make a difference moving ahead.

As we progressed to college, we actively participated in various social welfare events and programs such as blood-donation, fund-raising, awareness drives, etc. But the biggest turning point was when we formed a group and decided to visit nearby orphanages. As volunteers, we would visit the underprivileged children regularly to teach them. And this is where the idea of We4You culminated in our minds. We knew that it would be a long and taxing journey, but our passion and confidence drove us ahead. In 2009, the foundation stone of We4You was laid, and ever since then, there has been no looking back!